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Kukup Hub is providing all kind of Resorts for booking - 龟咯中心提供不同类型的度假屋让您预定


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让小编给您介绍这个全马来西亚最值得去的一个景点, 那就是龟咯岛, 龟咯岛是坐落在柔佛州最南端的一个地方, 拥有丰富的自然生态, 这里也是个超过百年的风景迷人的小渔村,当地也有许多特色的渡假屋, 不论入住哪间喔, 都有完整的配套供您选择! 而且针对从新加坡来的朋友们, 也有提供交通接送服务的哩! 还有偷偷告诉你喔~这里的配套是全马来西亚最便宜的捏! 要来龟咯岛旅游的朋友们, 看到这么多物美价廉的渡假屋, 你是不是无从选择呢! 我们再等您的预约哦!

** 您可以点击各自图片进入各自的度假屋配套

Let editor to introduce you one of the most worthwhile attractions in Malaysia. There are kukup Island, where is located most of southern part of Johor state. It is a charming fishing village with more than 100 years of history. There are also built up many nicer and modern type of Chalets & Resorts. No matter which one you stay in, there are completely packages for you to choose! And for Singaporean, there are also transportation provide from doorstep! Tell you Secretly that, there are the cheapest package price for whole Malaysia! For friends and whoever wanted travel to Kukup Island, are you still considering to book the package? there are waiting for your inquiry and booking!

**You can CLICK on the individual Picture to individual resort package

联络/Contact: Kukup Hub - 龟咯中心渡假屋
热线/Hotline: +65 8585 8686(S)/ +6011 1063 2223(M)

kukup Chalet - 龟咯度假屋 (提供一站式预定多种豪华度假屋)

 1) Tan Castle Resort  2) Theme Resort  
 陈堡豪华渡假屋  主题渡假屋  
 P3) Asina Luxury Resort  4) Luxury Suite Resort  
 星海豪华渡假屋  豪华高档渡假屋 
 P5) Luxury Villa Resort P6) Luxury Superior Resort  
 豪华别墅渡假屋 豪华高档渡假屋 
 P7) Pigeon Resort  P8) Golden Bay Resort 
 白鸽渡假屋 金海湾渡假屋 
 P9) Kukup Colorful Resort P10) Guan Huat Deluxe Resort 
 七彩缤纷文化村 源发套房渡假屋 
 P11) Hao Qin Resort P12) Happy Resort 
 豪勤冷气渡假屋 温馨乐海上渡假屋 
 P13) Rainbow Resort P14) Nature Farm Resort 
 新彩虹冷气渡假屋 自然生态园渡假屋 
 P15 My Fun Resort P16 Sweet Home Resort 
 爱娱乐渡假屋 侯宅休闲海上渡假屋 


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